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Constant Power Technologies

In 1986 the Trade Name of Constant Power Technologies was formed. CPT as so commonly referred to was started by the Tometich family. Rick Tometich our President followed in his fathers steps to become a leader in the DC Power/Back Up Power arena. In that time technology was on the cusp of evolving to what it has become today. From the buildup of cellular telephone coverages, the .com buildup at the age of the internet coming online and now the amount of data storage facilities for volatile records and smartphone uses CPT has been involved every step of the way. The 1st Cell Phone was used on April 3, 1973 by Martin Cooper of Motorola and has evolved to today as the social norm. CPT helped numerous wireless carriers design and build their infrastructure across the USA. The 1st smartphone came on-line in 1995. At that same time the .com boom began (1995-2001), the .com explosion provided the next stepping stone for CPT. Some of us feel the .com era lead to the buildup of numerous Data Centers across the USA. Read more…

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