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About Constant Power Technologies

CPT Phoenix, AZIn 1986 the Trade Name of Constant Power Technologies was formed. CPT as so commanly refred to was started by the Tometich family. Rick Tometich our President followed in his fathers steps to become a leader in the DC Power/Back Up Power arena.

Rick has been in the trenches developing relationships with each client building the business over the past 30 years of service. Rick was fortunate enough to have found a niche market sector that was atractive to other business’ in need of growth. Over the 30 year period CPT has been bought, sold, bought and sold but the constant factor in its continued growth and success is Rick Tometich. Rick is still in his 40’s but has given the day to day operational reigns to Larry Lybarger his business partner for now 7 years and counting. Rick is an active mentor to all the CPT staff and his knowledge of the industry is second to none. Rick has mentored numerous employees under his management umbrella and a handful ventured out on their own and are success stories themselves.

DC Power RoomIn 2008 Rick made a phone call to Larry Lybarger and began the mentoring process. Having both been brought up in Iowa with stong family values and personal integrity it was the perfect match to carry Rick’s obsession for growing CPT. Larry’s background is stong in the electrical/mechanical areana making him a naturale fit to understand the inter-workings of facilities from the “back of the house”. Larry has made strides in his personal and professional business growth right alongside Rick. Between the two of them they are a powerful resource for any client with any need for their facility.

Over the years CPT has evolved from a DC Power/Back Up power contractor to a product neutral, problem solving, client asset. Any client with any need will be assisted from Electrical, Mechanical, Structural you name it we have relationships that will help. We are not a General Contractor so we match the right persons with the problem at hand and continue our effeorts to change and install as many batteries as we can!

Mission Statement

Our commitment to mission critical data centers and telecommunications providers is to supply the highest quality products, nationwide 24 hour service, and superior customer satisfaction to meet your needs in a rapidly growing and competitive market.

Our Promise to You

CPT will provide the highest quality professional consultative services and DC power solutions that ensure value added benefits to our customers. Among these are quality products, environmentally conscious procedures, timely responses, all at a fair market price.

Rick Tometich
President CPT

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