Telecommunications Equipment

Telecommunications Batteries:

Telecommunication is the transmission of voice and digital information over long distances. Reliable telecom backup equipment is crucial for the rapidly increasing demand for mobile services. When there are power outages, telecommunication systems are at risk of failing. In the event of AC loss, backup telecom batteries ensure these systems are still running to help prevent avoidable downtime. Constant Power Technologies has the expertise to assess and install the correct telecom backup power systems for our customer’s telecommunication requirements and, as a Distributor of Narada, CSB, EnerSys, C&D Technologies, East Penn Deka, Exide GNB, (to name a few) has the expertise to install, maintain, and test the telecom backup systems to prevent outages and optimize performance. Constant Power Technologies has a full-service option for recycling sealed (VRLA) and wet (VLA, flooded) telecom batteries.

Telecom DC Power Systems:

To ensure your telecommunications systems are constantly operating, Constant Power Technologies provides telecom distribution panels, converters, and power systems. As a Distributor of Vertiv NetSure (Previously Emerson Network Power) and Eltek/Valere, (to name a few) Constant Power Technologies has the experience and expertise to assess your site and determine the proper units required for your telecom applications. We provide full turn-key installations, maintenance, and repairs to minimize downtime and costs.

Telecommunications Surge Protection:

Telecommunication lines are susceptible to transient impulses in both exposed areas and lengthy runs between buildings. These impulses can damage or destroy telecommunications lines and result in expensive repairs. Constant Power Technologies is a master value-added distributor of Telecom Surge Protection devices, designed to protect your telecommunications lines from high electrical surges in the primary, secondary, and security applications. Constant Power Technologies’ expert technicians will work with you to determine the correct devices you require for your telecom applications. Constant Power Technologies will install and regularly maintain your systems to ensure maximum protection.